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Free Mortgage Advice from Experienced Mortgage Lender to ensure:

  • Quick Mortgage Approvals
  • Most Suitable Mortgage Product (Mortgage Interest Rates and Mortgage Terms compared across Lenders)
  • Smooth process from Mortgage Approval to Mortgage Drawdown

Looking for advice on Pensions, Company Pensions/ Risk Benefits or Financial Planning for Individuals?

FSB Accountants advise companies on company pensions/ risk benefits and complete financial plans for individuals incorporating advice on retirement planning, life, protection, mortgages and savings/ investments.

Welcome to FSB Accounting

Your Gateway to Financial Freedom in Dublin

At FSB Consulting, we understand the complexities of financial planning in today's ever-changing world. Whether you're navigating the path to homeownership, planning for a secure retirement, or seeking comprehensive financial advice, our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you.

Pension and Financial Planning:

Planning for the future is crucial, and with FSB Consulting, your retirement is in safe hands. Our services extend beyond mortgage advice to comprehensive financial planning for both individuals and companies. From advising companies on company pensions and risk benefits to crafting complete financial plans for individuals, we've got you covered. Our advice encompasses retirement planning, life protection, mortgages, and savings/investments, ensuring your financial security and peace of mind.

Why Choose FSB Consulting?

With FSB Consulting, you're not just getting advice; you're gaining a partner in your financial journey. Our approach is client-centric, focusing on your unique needs and goals. We believe in transparent, honest advice that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Contact FSB Consulting today for personalised financial advice in Dublin.

Mortgage Consulting in Dublin:

Embarking on the journey to own a home should be exciting, not daunting. With FSB Consulting, you gain access to free mortgage advice from seasoned lenders. We're committed to ensuring a seamless process, from quick mortgage approvals to finding the most suitable mortgage products. Our experts compare mortgage interest rates and terms across lenders to secure the best deal for you, ensuring a smooth transition from mortgage approval to drawdown.

Protection and Investments:

In an uncertain world, protecting your income, health, and business is paramount. Our expertise in income protection, specified illness cover, and business protection strategies in Dublin ensures that you're prepared for whatever life throws your way. Furthermore, our debt advice and management services provide the support you need to navigate financial challenges with confidence.

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Our journey of securing a house has been very traumatic as many would have the same tale. But fortunately, Michael has been extremely helpful beyond imagination and went above his duty of care. At one stage we nearly lost our house due to a communication gap between solicitors, builder, and salesperson, he saved us by constantly communicating between the two solicitors, sales agent, and builder on our behalf and he became a bridge for us. He never hesitates to respond to emails even on his holiday and kept in touch with everyone with continuous feedback.

No words can truly express the effort he put into achieving our dream home. Since then, we have introduced Michael to a few of our friends and colleague and all were delighted. We are truly amazed by Michael in every detail and effort he put into our house. So, we are sure that hiring him for the task will be immense relief and help in your new venture too.

Lhamo & Kalsang, Drogheda, Co Louth

I would like to thank you Michael for such an amazing job. Mortgage process was seamless with no delays. Michael was easy to reach out to and always available to review documents which moved the process along. Great at chasing up progress on my behalf which took a lot of the stress away. Thank you once again for your dedication and advising on all matters I had.

Strongly recommend Michael, done a fantastic job.

Derek, Rathwire, Co Westmeath.

I found Michael to be an expert on the Mortgage landscape, throughout my application process, Michael advised me on the most cost-effective financing options. In addition, to the different interest rates available, Michael advised on the best overall mortgage considering the terms and conditions, variable rates, fixed term rates etc..  Michael was great to deal with and very professional in his recommendations. As a result of Michael’s guidance, I saved a significant amount on my mortgage and are very happy with my financing arrangement

Fergal, Churchtown, Dublin 14